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31 May 2025

InterFlix Booking

When you buy InterFlix for 99€, You gets 5 InterFlix voucher codes. Each InterFlix voucher codes be used to book one single side direct trip irrespective of what price is going on.

Quick InterFlix info:

  • 48 hrs: Then you can book your trip (activation codes).
  • 3 months / 90 days / 2160 hrs: you have time to discover Europe.
  • Only direct trips can be booked.
  • FlixBus or FlixTrain can be booked.

InterFlix is a good option if you make plans at the last minutes and fare of the trip city is expensive.

FlixBus / FlixTrain Booking

Cashback of flat 5% of transaction amount can be achieved on Flixbus.de website,

1. Log in to Aklamio site If don't have an account then click on "Aklamio Sign up"
2. On search box on the top menu, Type "Flixbus" and press enter. Click on the "Get Cashback" button
3. You will be taken straight to the flixbus.de website account
4. Book your Flixbus or Flixtrain tickets ( note: Interflix bookings are not considered )
5. Get your reward

Aklamio cashback can be transfer directly to your bank account or PayPal account.
Please comment below if you have any queries related to deal.

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Flixbus offers
Travel - Bus, Rail, Taxi
31 May 2025
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