Get £10 New user bonus + No Compulsory Transaction Fee for first 2000 Euros

Money Transfer

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31 May 2025

Xendpay is an international money transfer service with no compulsory fees, no exchange rate markups and no hidden charges.

Xendpay allows users to choose their transaction fee for the first €2,000 they send. You can even choose to pay no fee at all.

Step 1. Create an Account - Click Here for XendPay
Step 2. Setup a Transfer
Step 3. Pay What You Want
Step 4. Send the money
Step 5. Money on its way + Get £10 reward

How does it work?

Step 1. Create a XendPay Account - Click Here
Click on our “Click Here” button to get new user benefit and you’ll be taken to XendPay's registration page. Sign up for Xendpay in just a few moments. You can do this by connecting with your Facebook or Google account.

Step 2. Setup a Transfer
Now, Enter how much you're sending and where you’d like the money to be received. Enter your recipient’s details. If you’ve sent money to them before, just pull up their details - Xendpay has held onto them for you.

Step 3. Pay What You Want
Check out what you'll be saving by using Xendpay, and pay a fee which you think is fair or don't pay any fees. If you are sending more than £2000 with Xendpay, the transfer fee is no longer discretionary.

Step 4. Send the Money
Next, you’ll pay for your transfer. You can send your money directly from your bank account using Sofort or by using your debit or credit card or sending money via bank transfer to XendPay’s bank account. You and your recipient will also receive an email when it is sent and when it is received.

Step 5. Money on its way & Get £10 reward
Our money will be sent to the recipient’s bank account. You can track the transfer from the Xendpay dashboard. Once you have done a money transfer of amount equivalent to £100 for the first time. You will receive a credit of £10 reward. The reward can be used towards their next transaction.

XendPay Overview: 

Attribute Value
 Min. Transfer Amount  1 Euro
 Exchange Rate Updates  Good ( Up to 1.5% of the mid-market rate )
 Transfer Fee  “pay what you want” for the first €2000 Every Year.
 Transfer Methods  Bank Deposit
 Transfer Speed  up to 4 days
 Payment Options  Bank deposit, Sofort, Credit/Debit card ( Maestro, Visa, MasterCard )
 Customer Service  Phone, Email


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Get £10 New user bonus + No Compulsory Transaction Fee for first 2000 Euros
Money Transfer
31 May 2025
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