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3 Must See Landmarks in Berlin

07 April 2018

If you’re looking for a perfect blend of culture, history and great food, then you really can’t beat Berlin. A perfect weekend away needs amazing historical landmarks and a good transport system to help you get around and Berlin definitely has both of these boxes ticked off. Here’s the three landmarks that you absolutely must see when you visit the Capital of Germany.

Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall
If you’re thinking about visiting Berlin then you’ve no doubt already considering visiting the remnants of the Berlin Wall, and it’s truly a must. The wall was originally built to divide the city and prevent people leaving the East side and standing by the wall, you can almost feel how much destruction this structure caused to the city. A 1.4km stretch still exists and famous artists were invited to decorate it with there creations as a symbol of freedom. There are many information plaques too for you to learn about all of the history; it’s really a must for all visitors.

Brandenburg Gate

One of Berlin’s most iconic landmarks, you have to visit the Brandenburg Gate, even if it’s just for a picture for the scrapbook. It’s sandstone pillars are very Athenian, standing over 27 meters tall. Built over 200 years ago by King of Germany at the time, this was a grand display of wealth. It became very significant during the period of the Berlin Wall as the gate was completely blocked, almost poetic in symbolising the cities predicament. Now it looks more elegant than ever, a perfect backdrop against the bright blue skies of spring or to visit the giant Christmas trees you’ll find there in the festive period.

berlin jews memorial
Memorial to the Murdered Jews
Not too far from the aforementioned Brandenburg Gate, you’ll find the Memorial to the Murdered Jews. The memorial is made up of thousands of slabs of concrete, all at a different height and angle but all arranged into a perfect grid for you to walk among them. This is to create a slightly nauseating feeling in the pit of your stomach as you remember the acts that led to this memorial. It says something about the German people that this piece of art was not only commissioned but then placed in such a prominent part of their capital city. The intention is not to try to forget an erase this part of history, but instead to remember and honour this that have passed. For anyone interested in history, this landmark is particularly special.

Wherever you go in the city, you’ll find that Berlin is steeped in history. These landmarks form part of its heritage that makes it the city that it is today. The best thing about the city is that all of these landmarks can be found relatively close together, so you’re never more than a stroll, bike ride or short train journey away from your next discovery!


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