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A Weekend Trip to Amsterdam

07 April 2018

One of the most beloved cities in Europe, Amsterdam is also one of the most accessible. Every day, tens of thousands of eager travellers arrive in Amsterdam by train, plane, bus and car, ready to experience this diverse and beautiful place.

Getting to Amsterdam from Germany

Amsterdam is particularly easy to access from Germany. As Germany shares a border with the Netherlands, there are many direct train and plane services from the major cities such as Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt. From Berlin, Amsterdam is approximately six and a half hours by train or car, or just an hour and a half by plane. By train or car, Frankfurt is about 4.5 hours away, or just an hour by plane. Cologne is even closer – just two and a half hours by train or car.

What to Do

Once arriving in Amsterdam, there are seemingly endless activities to be enjoyed. We recommend hiring a bike, as cycling is a way of life in Amsterdam and the city is incredibly accessible on two wheels. It is enjoyable simply to meander around Amsterdam, admiring its beautiful canals and stopping in at the many cafes and quirky shops.

Some other sites that are particularly worth a visit:

Ann Frank Huis

Perhaps one of the most moving museums in all of Europe, the house where the young Jewish girl Anne Frank penned her diary during the Second World War. After the war and Ann's tragic death, the home was converted to a museum devoted to promoting understanding and peace throughout the world. Tickets must be bought online (there is no ticket office), and it is recommended to arrive early to beat the queues, as they can be very long.

The Rijksmuseum

Built in 1809 to house many of the most beautiful artistic treasures from the Netherlands, the art gallery/museum is now one of Amsterdam's most popular attractions. Inside, visitors can find over 8,000 beautiful and historically significant works of art. You might like to pick up the Iamsterdam card, which allows you free entry into the Rijksmuseum, NEMO (also on this list), and over 50 other attractions.

Flower Market of Amsterdam

The floating flower market in Amsterdam is an absolute must-see for visitors to the city. Selling what seems like millions of fresh cut flowers and bulbs, it looks and smells beautiful. A famous landmark since 1862, many of the stalls also sell souvenirs and tasty Dutch cheese. It is free to visit so is a refreshingly cheap way to spend an hour or so.

The Science Museum NEMO

Popular with families but also brilliant for the young at heart, the NEMO Science Museum is an interactive museum where visitors can participate in many fun attractions and experiments. Have fun while you learn – and there's a nice café there, too. You can use your Iamsterdam card for free entry.


Amsterdam is world famous for its nightlife, and whether your idea of a big night is sipping wine at an upmarket bar over a tasting platter, or dancing the night away,  you are bound to find something at this massive central square. One of the coolest all-around venues is De Melkweg (The Milky Way), where you can see amazing art, performance theatre and music almost every night. Don't let its humble exterior fool you – bands such as U2 have performed here!


Amsterdam is a brilliant city, with so many attractions which are easily accessed by bike or on foot. It is the perfect place for a weekend trip, although spending more time there is also recommended if possible.

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A Weekend Trip to Amsterdam

One of the most beloved cities in Europe, Amsterdam is also one of the most accessible. Every day...

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